Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Hello I'm anna and the ring

So hello again.

Well perhaps, hello again. Perhaps you're new to the whole anna and the ring thing.

Anywhichway, welcome. Always welcome.

Crumbs. (Remember to breathe anna, remember to breathe).

I've had a long time away from the blogging world and the social media race. I'm going to ease myself back in, it seems a very different place from when I left.

Obviously it would be prudent to start with a new name and life. Obviously. However, I'm afraid I can't shake my anna and the ring persona. Trust me, I've tried. Yet each time I try and move away, the deliciously enveloping cloak of my past pulls me back in. It feels good, not exactly comfy but safe. And safety is incredible important to me right now. And who doesn't love a good ring (mine is pretty amazing and rather special).

So I shall carry on, "bravely" using the persona of my past, Perhaps the joy it brought me in years gone by will slowly add a delicate verdigris to my new life?

What will this place be?

Still frivolity. Still the occasional wedding chat, tis my reason for becoming anna and the ring in the first place. I love the prettiness of the past and the fabulousness the future shall bring. However, there will be a little more meat. I want to make my effort to help destigmatise mental illness. It continues to be the elephant in my life, stalking me incredibly loudly at every turn. Oh and not forgetting the wonder that is public health and epidemiology (the subject of my masters and hopefully career). Oh yes, I will teach the ways of knowledge.

I know the blog looks a little bare currently. I'm toying with a few ideas but I really wanted it up and running before tomorrow. Tomorrow is an important day.

Anyhoo, I hope to hear from you soon. It's a little scary being back in the world but I hope it brings back the joy. Do join in and say hello, it can be rather lonely at the other end of a blog.

Remember, I want to talk about things you want to talk about (and perhaps a few of the things you really don't want to, but know you should).

So I guess I'm signing off for the first time, again.

See you tomorrow,
anna xxx


  1. come in! the waters warm and we're all having mojito's! glad to see you back.
    Love, anonymous industry insider x

  2. Welcome back, so very lovely to hear your voice again xo