Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Moving along, I want, I want, I want

This week the Bean* and I are enjoying a week of fun together. It's been a while since I've felt well and wanted to go outside. It's even longer that we've spent actual time which might be construed as fun, without any, well all the, bleakness.

Oh and let me beguile you with our week so far. (Gosh, we are unexciting dweebs).

Ikea was our monday, we bought a new loo brush (aren't we fabulous!).

Today, we ventured out into the real world and brunched (it was only 11.30 and we hadn't had breakfast) at Bubbledogs, I've been wanting to go for ages and whilst it was nice, I'm not sure I'll be rushing back. Top tip - don't trust the Italian rose (bleurgh).

The afternoon brought much fun for me as I visited Wah Nails in topshop and treated myself to a little Valentinesque manicure. I love that it's not super twee. What do you think?

Oh and how will my week continue.

There is excitement at Kensington Roof Gardens tomorrow early evening and then I'm hoping the Bean and I may pop over to the Savoy for pre-birthday week.

Thursday, I shall try to be virtuous by running in the morning of my birthday and following this with a little Burger and Lobster and then a sneaky visit to the Lucky Pig. We shall see, 

Friday there will be all the baking (and tidying) before people descend to meet our foster cat family (8 kittens and their mother) and maybe celebrate another year.

Anyhoo, enough of my slightly dull week! Obviously because I can't trust the husband to remember all the things I want (or even myself), I need to write all the good things down.

So as an aide-memoire, here be things I am lusting over currently.

1. Hello perfect (and so easily snaggable) scarf.
2. This cute keyring despite hating honey. I appreciate the bees.
3. Oh how I want a ridiculously fabulous balloon (come along helium, time to start making yourself again). Also cough, cough, please,
4. This exquisite print from the equally exquisite Dot Fox Print Shop. Heaven!
5. And this poster for which I've yearned for maybe 6 years now. Oh well, like, forever.
6. Finally, because all things globe are perfection. 

Well that's enough from me for now.

I'm off to dream of the pretties and worry what I'm going to wear tomorrow night.


*For those new to the anna and the ring game, Bean is my husband. His anonymous moniker stuck rather well!

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