Thursday, 30 April 2015

Election Time

Hello stationery lovers,

I know this seems like a strange direction for my blog to go considering my previous posts. However I’m hoping that indulging my previous joys might ignite a tiny flame of hope. So my blog shall be eclectic, serious and on occasion I shall try to amuse you. “Do I amuse you?”

With the election just a few days away I thought it would be interesting to talk about the different flyers which have made their onto my doormat. In my constituency there are 5 candidates vying for my vote.

Now Bean has received all of the 5 flyers from the Labour, UKIP, Green, Liberal Democrat and Conservative camps. However I fear a little racial profiling has affected my personally addressed flyers. It appears my rather Polish surname means that I am not courted by UKIP. Oh the sadness!

Alas the flyers are just rubbish. 

Empty promises which aren’t worth the paper they are printed on. They bang on about their accountability, what utter dross. I’m not sure why they even bother canvassing, it’s like they think we live in a democracy! Our political parties (save the racist ones) are all incredibly middle of the road, they morph into one entity, coalition or not. The new government will try to do their best and the shadow cabinet will simply take over the role of the critic. I never understand why they can’t just work towards a common good.

Nothing they say pre-election means anything save an attempt to win votes. It’s meaningless. I don’t understand why people are surprised when they renege on their “promises.” 

I do, to some extent, understand voter apathy, especially if you live in a safe seat. Perhaps our votes don’t matter at all. We can’t choose our Prime Minister, PMQs appear to be the only place where we can raise important issues via our MPs and we are not consulted when major changes are at stake. The humble proletariat sits in silence. Oh yes we try to change things with our petitions, I can imagine how they chortle at those!

I digress, I don’t really understand the current attempts at wooing the voters (oh lordy that pink bus!). I don’t actually care whether my Prime Minister is married or not. Whether his (or her) skin is blemish free or he eats a bacon sandwich with gusto. I want dull government ministers. I don’t want them to be “cool.” I want them to sit at their desk, acknowledge they don’t know everything, listen to their, supposedly impartial, advisors and work bloody hard to try and do something about the aching social inequality in this country. No-one is asking the rich to fall; we are asking that the poor rise.

So with a week to go in perhaps the most noisy election build-up in the UK’s history will you be marking a cross or will you be staying at home?

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