Monday, 27 April 2015

Merry National Stationery Week

So perhaps I should try and write something happier today. Perhaps I should set myself the target of writing every day, well it is National Stationery Week. I don’t know where the deep seated desire of most women to covet and own all the pretty stationery arises from. Is it a throwback to a time where writing letters and diaries were our sole means of expressing ourselves both publically and privately? Is it beauty of a handwritten letter which seems to fall far more gracefully through the letterbox? Or perhaps it’s because stationery of this lifetime is so damn beautiful.

I thought I would share a few of my favourites and why they are so wonderful.

Firstly Papermash, if you haven’t perused their wonderful wares you are missing out. For years I have been buying supplies from this site. It is curated by the incredibly talented Lynne and she combines beauty with a certain playfulness which doesn’t feel childish. It’s great for cute party accessories and every time I have a sneaky peek I yearn for something new, usually Rifle Paper Co related. *sigh*

Moving onto Meri Meri, you’ll have seen their pretty perfect Christmas decorations and if you visited me over Christmas you will have seen the pretties hanging from every available space. I love their unashamed silliness and don’t tell Bean but a few little surprises will hopefully arrive before his birthday next week.

My latest swoon is Quill London, hello beautiful Kate Spade goodies. Seriously, I wish I didn’t like Kate Spade so very much. She is going to bankrupt me. Indeed Quill London has a far better selection than the Kate Spade website and the shops in London (trust me, I’ve looked!) The other wonderful bonus is that they run calligraphy workshops. I’ve been to the beginner’s workshop which proved I am dreadful at calligraphy but that I still love to try. Maybe I’ll see you at a session in the near future?

When I sit and try to think of the right words to describe Cutture, I write a sentence and realise it’s just not enough. I can’t seem to avoid clichés. Their work is phenomenal. They make my eyes happy. To be given their work is close to holding the Holy Grail whilst in Shangri-La sipping vintage champagne. See, all of the clichés.

Yet I must mention there beautiful wares. The beautiful papercuts make me want to get married again, turn 40 in fabulous style and have all the babies.

Just look!

So to sleep for me. More stationery fun tomorrow! Would love to hear about your favourite places.

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