Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Stationery Inertia

Hello stationery lovers,

I know this seems like a strange direction for my blog to go considering my previous posts. However I’m hoping that indulging my previous joys might ignite a tiny flame of hope. So my blog shall be eclectic, serious and on occasion I shall try to amuse you. “Do I amuse you?”

So what to talk about today?

I’m in the midst of trying write thank you letters to all the people who have been so kind over the past few months. I’m incredibly lucky that the kindness I’ve been shown will bump up Royal Mail’s share price. Yet, however hard it is to write the words I want to say, I have another slight problem which I hope I share with you all.

Stationery is just too pretty to be soiled by my scratchy hand. I try to practise my calligraphy but I fear I’m no further than when I was but 7 years old. I’m sure my handwriting was a cause for concern from a young age because I didn’t migrate to a fountain pen very quickly. The mark of someone who’s mastered their handwriting. See exhibit A

Although I do love that I start the letter to Santa with Dear Sir/Madam!

I adore beautiful handwriting and over the years I’ve tried to improve mine. Indeed I can “embroider” (I’m not really sure what I did was embroidery but I did enjoy making the little bits for my bridesmaids). I’ve also tried my hand at using lights to make the pretties but my hand seems unable to stay in the correct plane or flow with any theatricality. The best advice I’ve been given is to not think of it as handwriting. It is an art, each letter a masterpiece which happens to connect to another. I guess I’m just that impatient in-patient still!

This weekend I’m (hopefully) attending a brush calligraphy workshop with Quill London. Trying to find the bravery (that’s the wrong word I’m not brave in the slightest), hmm the vitality (that seems a better choice it truly is the opposite of depression) to expend the energy of appearing “normal” and trying to learn a new skill in a group of seemingly rather together women is a little scary for me right now. 

I understand that these other women have their own story to tell and perhaps I shall meet someone who might help with my calligraphy or perhaps with my hope. I know I need to stop hiding away from my friends, perhaps this will give me the right energy to say thank you and put pen to beautiful paper.

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