Tuesday, 7 July 2015


10 years ago

It seems forever ago and just yesterday.

I have stark memories, 

I remember realising with a grump I'd left my phone at home.
I remember with the tannoy security announcement that London was long overdue something hideous,
I remember being late.
I remember getting off the train at Barons Court and making my way to lectures.
I remember walking to Putney Bridge and then onto Wimbledon to try and make it home. 
I remember thinking about my poor friends just starting their A&E attachment at St. Mary's in Paddington and the horrors they would (and did) face.
I remember being grateful that my lectures hadn't been at St Mary's because I could have been on the wrong train at the wrong time. I was grateful for my life.
I remember sobbing.
I remember getting back on the tube.
I remember London standing together. 

I hope we can always stand together.
I hope we never forget those who died and those who are still with us but irrevocably changed. 

We find ourselves in a world where people hide behind religion to commit atrocities. 'Twas ever thus. 

I hope that the light can fight the dark. Please stop killing each other. It's just that simple. No life is worth more than another. We are all the same person. Those who kill are not monsters. These men and women are just like me or you and that's what makes terrorism so terrorising. 

I hope for life and love. What else is there?

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