Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Learning to love Steller

Are you in love with Steller too?

Yes, as always, I'm late to the party and for those who haven't found the joy - it's a wonderful place to share a series of images (and words). I place to create stories.

I find myself blogging in my head all the time. It's like that perfectly written email or the text you never send. The one you think you sent but never did. I want to blog but it's all a little sad in my brain right now. So Steller is perfect for me. I can create the images and then play with words. It allows me to be a mini-creative.

This is my first Steller and I have no idea if this is what happens to everyone's first Steller but it was chosen to be published into their Creative Collection and somehow made it to #11 on the most read in the last day. That makes me squee a little.

So enjoy my first, all from my day with the delightful 5ftinf, such an inspiring lady.

Are you on Steller? Obviously I'm annaandthering. Would love to see and follow you!