Monday, 11 January 2016

Cards are Cuddles continued

Oh squee. You kind souls. Cards are Cuddles is definitely go!

I'd forgotten how much I love sending post (and receiving it!) I'd forgotten I'd sent myself a card and it was just so wonderful to come home to exciting colours on the doormat! (Oh I'm a sad, old sausage!).

I'm certainly not forgetting you all. Your emails and comments have made me smile.

Oh smiles are in short supply in my heart right now. (Sorry Bean, you try so hard, I'm just not good).

Trying to find that certain something. Hmm what could it actually be?

I'm so sorry I've have't got back to replying to all of you. What with work (oh sitting in front of a computer all day entering and cleaning data is not always thrilling - no really?!) and then being a hospital patient three times a week trying to get my brain not want my body dead is bloody exhausting. I know it doesn't sound like it should be but I'm incredibly surprised as to how the last couple of months are wearing me down so.

Crumbs, I'm almost in tears just thinking about next week, that life's endless cycle just continues. *Sigh*. Yet, why on earth do I think anyone wants to hear about said woes? It does seem to border on the narcissistic. I'm not sure why I still want to write a blog but I really do. Since I've been gone I've really missed the community, the writing and my attempts at creativity. 

Dear readers, will you continue to join me whilst I try and work out what I'm trying to do?

I do miss some of the wedding chat but definitely want to talk about mental health. Oh who knows really. I need to get back into a routine, 

Perhaps writing something everyday, about something light or heavy would be a start. So that shall be my goal this week, Something. Just something.

I hope you enjoy.

Cuddles x

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  1. Please do write, your posts brighten up my 'life's endless cycle'. xxx