Thursday, 7 January 2016

Cards Are Cuddles

Post. We all get post. Most of it is junk. Indeed currently despite returning to sender on at least four separate occasions we receive 3 issues of a commercial diving magazine (need to know which pipe situation is the most dangerous and how to mix your gases? I'm your girl).

I digress, post is meant to be joyful. I would suggest that you think of your birthday, but I am acutely aware that some people aren't good card givers.* But think of your birthday and Christmas, I actively get excited about the postman arriving, (Although I have to admit that I want to be home more often when the postman arrives because a lovely cat, Tommy, likes to accompany him on his round. Tommy is a delicious chancer, we thought he was a stray who liked to jump through windows into the house on occasion but he always felt a little too solid to be a stray. He isn't, he lives around the corner in a lovely home – according to the postman. What a sneaky sausage – we've fed him many a time!).

Again, always with the digressing. Those pretty handwritten envelopes landing on your doormat. Against a backdrop of letters from HMRC (I've had 5 in the last month alone – although I got a teeny rebate yesterday – huzzah), junk and bills what isn't to like about an island of pink in amongst the brown.

I had wanted to start writing cards in December as a sort of Advent of joy but when I started writing the cards they all sounded like final goodbyes. They were all a little too “suicide-y” so I decided 2016 (if I got here) would be a much better bet because no-one has smiles in January.

So hello January (who’d have thunk it – seriously wasn't expecting to be here). Remember all those cards you buy because they are so wonderful, because stationery is so very wonderful, and never send. This is your opportunity. Yes to spreading the joy away from December.

So #cardsarecuddles is go. Huzzah, it has a hashtag and everything, it must be important. Perhaps you like to play along and tweet some of the cards you’re sending? I know I’ll try to tweet one every day for the next few weeks (at the very least).

The reason I want to do this apart from all the joy spreading is that when you suffer with a mental illness (and physical too) you can feel so alone. It’s such a cliché but chronic illness is so isolating. I have Bean and others but my brain is constantly telling me to kill myself it’s a pretty lonely place (even if I'm in hospital 3 days a week trying to get better). Apart from talking here (and a little on the book of faces) I don’t think people know how much I loathe myself and want to be dead. Mental wellness is cryptic. Life continues around you and you feel so very stuck. Some days a kind word from a dear friend can make the world seem a safer place. Go on, altruism looks good on you.

I've also decided to do something slightly weird, I've decided to send myself a couple of cards. I have super pretty ones which selfishly I want to keep so I'm going to try and fill them with kind words to myself. Kindness is nice. I'm oft not kind to myself. Perhaps a degree of separation will allow me to be.

So would you fancy joining me in my little crusade to bring a little colour to people’s post. I've just spent £27 on second class stamps and I'm ready to try and entertain the idea my handwriting is legible.

Oh and I’d love to send a few more cards to new people so would you like a pretty little card from me? If so do email me ( your address and name and what not – so I can spread some more joy. I promise this is not a pyramid scheme and I won’t be using your address for evil or anything apart from sending you a card. Seriously I have all the pretty cards, let me send you a cuddle.

So #cardsarecuddles is there for everyone. Hopefully I can bring a smile to my favourite people and encourage one or two others to do the same. The world can be an upsetting and unsettling place and I just want to do a miniscule bit to change that.

Remember, cuddles are wonderful (and stationery is delicious).

*My only bugbear, well major grump (to add to the list), is the sad lack of words in cards. Seriously,

Dear Anna,

*blank space*

Love Anna.

Not cool people. Not cool at all. Even if you write, I'm thinking of you (which is what a card really is – hopefully) just say that. You have enough ink and I promise you the person at the other end of the stamp will appreciate it all the more. Oh and other aspect to remember is that a card is not an obligation. Don’t expect anything in return. Obviously! Oh it would be so sweet but alas life is busy.


  1. You know that I'll join in I love a good card!! xx

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  3. A wonderful idea Anna. I love post and is rare these days. I plan to send lots of postcards this year like I used to before Internet and texting took over!