Friday, 16 September 2016

my friday favourite

Fridays are for frivolity. Oh yes, all the frivolity.

Since I worked as a checkout girl at Waitrose (gah being a 16 year old and not a partner when the bonus used to be at least 20%) I've had a rule about not studying on a Friday night. I think I can remember only once when I broke this rule, oh group study, bleurgh!

Oh how I love going out on a Friday night with two days to recover or coming home for Bean cuddles. Tonight I shall be at home hopefully with fish and chips and maybe a glass of Lillet Rose. Ooo what are you up to? Are you with a Friday night rule?

Anyhoo, frivolity. Like many of you, I harbour a deep love of stationery, oh the beauty. I want it all. I've lusted after many beautiful personalised notecards in the past. Oh Smythson, one day. But I just stumbled upon my new favourite. I'm not usually one for emojis but how I love a smiley poo, he make me giggle so.

And whilst I may not have my own home, perhaps, perhaps, perhaps? (I always told myself that my first present upon buying a flat would be a stationery delivery in one of those beautiful blue boxes). This lady, very much a rented lady, could stretch to a correspondence card or two, no?

Have you ordered from Papier before or do you have your own paper joy? Do tell. I promise I'll try to keep it secret!

I'm super excited about this weekend. I get to do some painting and create a few Potentially Motivating Penguins for you lovely people. I can't believe so many of you have contacted me about them. I'm almost proud of myself! Who knows, this time next weekend I may have myself a little Etsy shop! Oh I cannot wait for tonight!

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