Monday, 12 September 2016

Potentially Motivational Penguins

Hello Monday morning. 

Perhaps you'd like a little joy to entertain your trawl through all those emails?

I spoke about my instagram in my last post. I'll admit it's been slim pickings for the past few months. I've barely had the energy to scroll through the happy faces and exquisitely styled images leave alone actually create something myself.

However, I have created a few things and rather love a little watercolour especially after attending a little workshop at Quill London with the amazing Emma Block.

Anyhoo, the hospital I attend for therapy asks different units, wards and services to create art for a space on a rotating basis. So I tried to create something. 131 little anatomically incorrect baby penguins with words helping and hindering my little brain. How I enjoyed spending time focused on something which actually brought me joy. What made things slightly more satisfying was that someone has offered to buy all of the little beasts. All 131 of them! Craziness! 

They night not be much but perhaps they are something. What do you think?

So I had a thought.

Might some of you like a Potentially Motivational Penguin to cheer up your life? I have been branching out into other birds so how about a Fairly Motivational Flamingo?! Hmm, which other animals could be motivational?

Perhaps I could create something to make someone else, maybe you, smile and in turn I could use those pennies to donate to a charity very close to my heart. Which might make my brain and heart a little happier.

Would you be interested in something from anna and the draw(r)ings?!

1 comment :

  1. I would ADORE something from Anna and the draw(r)ings!! Also, Anna Mac would - she would love a flamingo - she lives for them! xxxx